Book Reviews

Leopard MBTs

The Leopard 1 in Danish Service

For some reasons, I’ve been acquiring a massive quantity of new reference books during the pandemic. Among those, I was fortunate enough to secure a copy of the massive new study on Danish Leopard 1s, The Leopard 1 in Danish Service, from Kim Hartvig Sørensen and published by, you guessed it, Trackpad Publishing. That book […]

Danish Leopard 1A5DK1

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2016. Trackpad Publishing recently released a book by author Kenneth Ostergaard about the Danish Leopard 1A5DK1 as part of their Model Foto Focus series. The Leo 1A5DK1 is the last version of Denmark’s Leopard 1 program and was deployed within IFOR.

Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN in Afghanistan

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2015 Trackpad publishing has recently release a new reference book on the Leopard 2A6M by authors Anthony Sewards and Rick Saucier in a new series of book called Model Foto Focus. The book exact title is “Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN in Afghanistan”.

Leopard AS1 Leopard in Australian Service

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2015. Trackpad Publishing recently released “Leopard AS1 – Leopard in Australian Service” (ISBN 978-0-9928425-3-6) by Australian military historian and author Michael K. Cecil, who already visited the AS1 subject in the past in Battlegroup Leopard, among other publications. He also previously collaborated with Trackpad Publishing’s Michael Shackleton, for he […]

Vlieland Leopards – End of the Line

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2014. Note that the book is now unfortunately out of print. An Art Book about Armor. The subject of the present review is not your usual modelling book. It’s not about modelling techniques, nor about AFV technologies. Vlieland Leopards, from Dutch professional photographer Dirk Bruin, is a small picture […]

Dutch Leopard – Armoured Fist of the Royal Dutch Army

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2014. Trackpad Publishing is a new publishing house and an associate of The Leopard Club, an online magazine devoted to modelling the Leopard 1 and 2. Dutch Leopard – Armoured Fist of the Royal Dutch Army, by author Willem Smit in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute of […]

Modeling Techniques Books

Tank Art Volume 4

The present review was initially published on modeling website Track-Link in 2015 and deals with the fourth volume of Rinaldi Studio Press Tank Art series, by author Michael Rinaldi. The first three volumes dealt with Axis, Allies, then Modern subject, in that order, and the fourth volume marks the return of the series to axis […]

TankArt vol. 3

The long-awaited third installment of Michael Rinaldi’s Tank Art series arrived at my door a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I dropped whatever I was reading to dive into that book which now deals with modern armor and will be the subject of the present review. (Note: all four Tank Art books have now […]

TankArt vol. 2

TankArt volume 2 is the second installment of a series of books by Michael Rinaldi. For those unfamiliar with the series, you can read my review of the first book here. (Note: all four Tank Art books have now been re-edited, but I haven’t seen them, so the reviews you see here are all from […]

TankArt vol. 1

One could certainly say it’s a little late in the game to be writing a review of Michael Rinaldi’s first TankArt volume. The book has been out for a while now, and it has been surrounded with quite the hype. You’ve probably made the decision whether to buy it or not already, and no doubt […]

World War II

The Sherman Design and Development

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2013. For many modelers, building solid references is often the most engaging part of a project. Learning about a particular vehicle or line of vehicles’ technical and operational history is for some a hobby in itself. While a frequent issue with this is not finding much on […]

Allied-Axis #31

I’ve recently reviewed Ampersand latest Allied-Axis offering on Track-Link. Again, a great reference. This time the biggest part of the book deals with a little-known WWII theater: Finland. A great many excellent-quality pictures of German armor deployed in that remote region. Highly recommended.

Grenadiers: The Story of Waffen SS General Kurt “Panzer” Meyer

Here’s a quick reading suggestion. This is a random pick from my bookshelves: I though it would be cool to just pick a book and write a little something about it in a short recommendation. And so I stumbled on Meyer’s book. Not an easy book to read and, frankly, not particularly well written. But fascinating, […]

AFV Technical Studies and Visual References

T-54 Book Cover

Soviet T-54 Main Battle Tank

Among the events that contributed to my early initiation to tank warfare, one came about when I was around 12, about 35 years ago. It took the form of endless rows of T-54s seen in some armament magazine, combined with worrying statistics about the Warsaw Pact’s numerical tank superiority. So when I spotted a new […]

Notable Flickr Account – Massimo Foti

My God, time flies! I’ve been particularly busy lately and clearly failed at keeping the right pace for TOM, but I have numerous ideas of subjects I want to tackle here, including the movie FURY which I’ve seen two weeks ago so let’s try to rectify this. To get things going smoothly, I want to […]

Notable Flickr Account – PzBrig 15

Flickr being the extraordinary reference tool that it is, I thought it’d be great to present some of the best accounts there and folks behind them. For September, we’re starting off big with an exceptionally huge and diverse account: PzBrig15.

The Big Macks

Ampersand does it again with a title on BIG World War Two trucks from the US. Another excellent visual reference. Excellent photographic study of the subject. Clear, high-quality, extensively-captioned large-format pictures. Affordable price. Some variants less covered than others. Highly recommended. Read the full review on Track-Link!