Notable Flickr Account – Massimo Foti

My God, time flies! I’ve been particularly busy lately and clearly failed at keeping the right pace for TOM, but I have numerous ideas of subjects I want to tackle here, including the movie FURY which I’ve seen two weeks ago so let’s try to rectify this.

To get things going smoothly, I want to present yet another interesting Flickr account. This time it’s from a hobbyist photographer and military history enthusiast who went through many military museums across Europe and photographed many great pieces.

Massimo Foti‘s pictures are of excellent quality, high resolution and very well lit. Some subjects are in perfect conditions, others are heavily weathered derelicts. An excellent resource for modelers in particular. (speaking of which, Massimo also tells me he contributed to the Surviving Panzer website that, alto basic in its layout, has embarked on the noble cause of trying to keep registry of surviving historical AFVs.)

In addition to AFVs and artillery pieces, Massimo has also photographed airplanes (and animals, and castles, and…). All in all a great account to browse.

Again: Massimo Foti Flickr account


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