Notable Flickr Account – PzBrig 15

Flickr being the extraordinary reference tool that it is, I thought it’d be great to present some of the best accounts there and folks behind them.

For September, we’re starting off big with an exceptionally huge and diverse account: PzBrig15.


Leopard 2A6s from the Bundeswehr. Photo credits: PzBrig15. Photo taken on August 2014.

Frank, the owner of PzBrig15, ex-Bundeswehr tanker operating on Leopards 2A4s no less, now a professionnal free lancer photographer, kindly granted me permission to select a few pictures from his albums to show you just how sensational they are. Sharp, crisp, high resolution pictures with most of its focus being set on vehicles. Military vehicles mostly, but also firefighter, police and paramedic, and some civilian subjects here and there.

Very useful for the modeler and the defense specialist alike, or if you just dig military hardware. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough already, Frank also update his account quite often.

Again: PzBrig15.


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