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441st Squadron Mustang III

I wanted to do a plane for some times now, and I had this Tamiya Mustang III in the stash since forever. I’ve always found this particular box art to be totally appealing and it played no small part in finally pushing me toward the dark side. It’s one of those project that I started […]

Merkava 1

This is a model that was initially semi-completed somewhere in 2018, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the finish for some reason. I still am not, hehe, but it has reached a much more acceptable level so I’m leaving it here to move on to some other projects. I find it pretty hard to not […]

Takom T-55AM

This is Takom’s T-55AM made as a Romania’s 81st Mechanized Brigade vehicle, straight out of the box, and started a couple of years ago. It’s one of those project where I saw a picture of the real vehicle in maneuver (see below) and decided I wanted to represent one. Full disclosure: Technically, callsign 45526 is […]

C887 HMAS Kodiak

In early 2006, the fine personnel of A battery, 1 RCHA went into action with their trusty M777 during the battle of Panjwaii. Firing a surprisingly shot burst, two guns managed to exact substantial casualties to the retreating Talibans. Three weeks later, during a post-action briefing held at NDHQ Ottawa, a civilian analyst, marveling at […]

Hangar no.1 – Special Jet Fighters

Every once in a while, you come across a book, a picture or some other reference, and you are impressed durably. Many of us fondly remember the sense of wonder we felt, as kids, when we first laid eyes on Sheperd Paine’s books, for instance. More recently, I was literally floored when I acquired Michael […]

Salvaging a Tiger

Once upon the time around 2010, a colleague, knowing I was into scale modeling, asked me if I would be interested to paint a Tiger tank he had assembled a while ago. I immediately said “Sure, why not?” I figured it would be some cool and quick paint practice. And so it was that one […]


This is the Miniart T-70M I did in 2013. It is mostly OoB except for the tracks and barrel. I destroyed the kit’s tracks trying to remove them from the sprue and had to fall back to these, which are absurdly better, but also crazy expensive. The finishing plan was to create a white wash […]

Tamiya BT-7

This is a quick OOB project I did in 2017 just to keep at the bench while having a gazilion other things to deal with IRL. Glad I did. This kit (Tamiya BT-7 Model 1935 #35309) is a gem.

Ukrainian BMP-1

This project started when I subscribed to the Facebook Military Equipment Of Conflict In Ukraine group. I spotted a picture of a BMP with one of those weird hand painted, bright, hastily applied scheme, and I decided I would go ahead and try to recreate it. Unfortunately I haven’t saved the picture and can’t seem […]


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