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Danish Leopard 1A5DK1

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2016.

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Trackpad Publishing recently released a book by author Kenneth Ostergaard about the Danish Leopard 1A5DK1 as part of their Model Foto Focus series. The Leo 1A5DK1 is the last version of Denmark’s Leopard 1 program and was deployed within IFOR.

The book is structured as follow:

  1. Introduction
  2. Hull Front
  3. Hull Side Views
  4. Hull Rear
  5. Powerpack
  6. Running Gear
  7. Turret – General Features
  8. Turret – Danish Features
  9. Interior
  10. In the field
  11. Attachements and Variations

Through the 7-pages introduction, the book deals briefly with previous versions and recounts the history of the Leopard 1 used in Denmark. Then the rest of the book’s focus is set on the 1A5DK1. On the down side, the first page introductory text is pretty small, uncomfortably so, and there is no table of content, which would be of use to the active modeller. But these are not big issues when compared to the up sides.

As per the series’ custom, the book is a logically organized collection of very high-quality photographs made by some 14 contributors. A good portion of the book, but not all of it, features a tank now under the tender care of the AKVPK, (Aalborg Kaserners Veteran Panser – og Koretojsforening, or the Aalborg Barracks Veteran Armour and Vehicle Preservation Society). Quoting the book: “[Leopard #62.446] is now in full combat order. In late April 2016, the tank was repainted and was as good as new in all respects at the time of writing.” In other words, the preservation work has been made with great care by a dedicated society, with excellent results.

In my opinion the book definitely settles the Foto Focus series into the already excellent formula it showed in past titles. It offers a very thorough treatment of the subject. Every angle of the vehicle is well presented, chapters are logically arranged, and globally the book has obviously been made with superdetailing in mind. Virtually every little nook is shown.

Of particular note is the powerpack chapter which presents a breakdown of the powerpack removal sequence. This is a procedure that is the same for most Leopard 1s, with a few variations and additional steps for those with add on armor packs, but still, it makes the book worthy for all Leo 1 versions should you wish to represent that particular condition.

There is also an equally thorough coverage of the interior.

In addition to this über walkaround, the last two chapters offers great shots of 1A5DK1s in the field, providing excellent weathering references. The last one shows additional albeit more limited references of the dozer blade and the complex Ramta mine plow.


Another excellent offering of the Foto Focus Series. Excellent, well captioned pictures. Logical organization of content. Absolutely thorough photographic coverage of the subject, including the interior. Definite must-have ref for anyone modelling a Danish Leopard 1A5DK1, and a highly recommended book for any fan of the Leopard 1.

Book provided to Track-Link for review purpose. You can acquire the book here.

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