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Editing Photographs in Photoshop, a Step by Step Guide

By Michael Rinaldi

Every Friday or so, Michael Rinaldi hosts an informal Q&A on Facebook. The concept is simple: Michael calls out a specific theme on Thursday, and people ask questions in relation to that theme, to which he replies, often looking at pictures of models from those asking questions and taking this as a base for answering. These posts are a great source of knowledge, and an excellent source for precise feedback, so I try to at least read through them, and I sometimes post questions of my own when time allows.

Last Friday I did post a question about photography, and Michael responded in his usual elaborate way. Among his reply was a pretty cool step-by-step guide about editing pictures in Photoshop, and I thought that I should do something to prevent this level of knowledge to get lost into the void of the internet. Hence this post.

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