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The Sherman Design and Development

This review was originally published on Track-Link in 2013.

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For many modelers, building solid references is often the most engaging part of a project. Learning about a particular vehicle or line of vehicles’ technical and operational history is for some a hobby in itself. While a frequent issue with this is not finding much on a given subject, in some cases the problem is that there is more out there than we can possibly hope to acquire, often leaving us wondering what to get.

In 2013, Ampersand Publishing released Son of Sherman vol 1, The Sherman Design and Development, A complete and illustrated description of the U.S. M4 Sherman tank series in the Second World War, which will be the subject of this review. There were rumors back them about a possible vol 2, The Sherman Modeler’s Guide, A complete and illustrated description of modeling the Second World War U.S. M4 Sherman tank.

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Reading Material

Grenadiers: The Story of Waffen SS General Kurt “Panzer” Meyer

Here’s a quick reading suggestion. This is a random pick from my bookshelves: I though it would be cool to just pick a book and write a little something about it in a short recommendation.

And so I stumbled on Meyer’s book. Not an easy book to read and, frankly, not particularly well written. But fascinating, yes, on many counts.

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