Modeling project

Ukrainian BMP-1

This project started when I subscribed to the Facebook Military Equipment Of Conflict In Ukraine group. I spotted a picture of a BMP with one of those weird hand painted, bright, hastily applied scheme, and I decided I would go ahead and try to recreate it. Unfortunately I haven’t saved the picture and can’t seem to locate it. I did spot an Echelon decal sheet with that exact vehicle depicted (D356195) so I immediately acquired it.

The project is based on Trumpeter’s BMP-1 kit #05556 with Friuls tracks (ATL-133 IIRC) and possibly some metal barrel, although I forget about that part. The figures are from Evolution and Ant Miniature and Masterclub.

The funny thing is that I noticed that some people looking at this model, not seeing the original vehicle it is based on, sometimes think this is my attempt to create a hard edge legit scheme. They remain polite but you see they think I suck big time at painting camo, hehe.